The Difference with Diovan

There is no generic form of Diovan available.

Remember, there is no generic form of Diovan available. It's important to understand that different medicines can have different effects in different people. So if Diovan is working for you, talk to your doctor about sticking with it.

Talk to your doctor about your high blood pressure, your goal, and how Diovan may help you reach it.

Below are a few reasons why your doctor may feel Diovan is right for you.

Diovan is the #1 prescribed branded angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) by both primary care physicians and cardiologists.

Diovan has been well researched in various patient types.

Diovan starts lowering your blood pressure the very first day you take it.

Just one Diovan tablet a day can help lower your blood pressure for a full 24 hours.

Insurance carriers are more likely to cover Diovan with fewer restrictions than any other branded ARB on the market.

Diovan is only part of the program.The maker of Diovan offers Get on Track™, a comprehensive online support system. It's a commitment to helping you manage your blood pressure over time.
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